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If you claim compensation with Ensuria and order a pizza delivery at the same time, the money will be in your account just in time to tip the courier.

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Your all-digital life and health insurance assistant. I turn formal insurance procedures into a convenient service so you can enjoy your life to the fullest.
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Life talks

Life talksbg
While snorkeling in Bali, I tried to stroke a turtle, but my hand got caught between the shell and the body. I abruptly jerked my arm, dislocated my shoulder, and lost consciousness. Ensuria had already requested a helicopter as I was being rescued from the water. I was taken to the hospital, had surgery, and was soon released to the hotel. Now I live and do not fret, because I’ve got Ensuria.Mykyta, 28 y.o.Ensured since 2018
Life talksbg
A year ago, I had a motorcycle accident in the States. I already had a travel policy with additional coverage for riders. The policy covered $50,000, and the hospital charged me $100,000. The insurance company refused to deal with that, so I had to find money. But Ensuria has got my back. The hospital recalculated costs and the insurance company covered the entire amount. Thank you so much! You are my heroes!Mykhailo, 34 y.o.Ensured since 2020
Life talksbg
When we were in Norway with my girlfriend, we met a bear on one of our walks. We started to run away in panic. We fell on the frozen ground, scrambled over fences, leaving deep cuts on our skin. Adrenaline helped us not to feel pain, but when we were safe, we understood that we had to go to the hospital. Svitlana broke her leg, I had several stitches. Ensuria organized everything: transfer, doctors, medicine. I don't know what we would do without tham.Serhiy & Svitlana, 31 and 29 y.o.Ensured since 2020
Life talksbg
Once in Canada, I was walking in a park. I had sandwiches with me, which probably attracted a couple of raccoons. Always thought they were cute and decided to treat one of them. But he bit my hand and ran away. I immediately wrote to Ensuria. They organized everything, and agreed on 12 injections within a month or two. I had to change some countries soon. So, Enshuria made arrangements in each of them. Care team — you are the best!Olena, 35 y.o.Ensured since 2021

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Frequently asked questions

Online insurance advantages

Why choose us as your insurance company?

It’s very convenient when insurance is always at hand — in your smartphone. Our solution allows you to use the electronic policy, make a renewal or claim on your insurance at any time. There is nothing easier than to insure yourself through our application or website. Before buying comprehensive insurance, you can read the conditions of insurance coverage, and then, in a few clicks, issue and pay for your insurance online. Insurance with us is a flexible and convenient way to be covered — change the insurance content, choosing the best conditions for you. Switch to the digital insurance side.

What level of cover do I need?

Well, the level of cover depends on your basic parameters (like age, country of residence, how many persons you want to insure etc.) and conditions that are set by the insurance policy (level of cover, type of insurance, your activities and other). Usually you decide what level of cover you need and choose one of the insurance protection levels the company proposes to you. To insure yourself online, you need to choose the product that suits you best, compare policies, fill in some information and pay via Apple Pay or G-Pay. A minute — and you have an electronic policy in the application and in the mail. To get a claim оn on your insurance is also as fast as to buy a policy.

How to get insurance through the application?

Although insurance is a legal requirement it doesn’t mean it can’t be a convenient way to insure yourself. That’s why you may order insurance online through our application or website. First, install the app on your smartphone by downloading it from the Apple Store or Play Market. After registration, choose the appropriate electronic insurance policy in the Buy section. Compare insurance coverage and choose the right policy. After that, go to the confirmation section and enter some data. You can buy a renewal policy by specifying a bank card, and the app will regularly debit the payment for online insurance. You can also pay for insurance using Apple Pay or G-Pay. Buy an insurance policy and easily manage coverage from the app.
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