Mental care
for employees

Caring of your team’s psychological health
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What is this program about?

The Mental Care program will help to take care of your team’s psychological health. We divide our care-program into three levels:
Psychological counseling for employees
  • Couple therapy
  • Family counseling
  • Group therapy
  • Resource group
  • Organizational coaching at the team level
  • Analysis of a team environment with the help of checklists
  • Formation of a psychologically safe culture in teams and supportive leadership
  • Assistance in developing appropriate company policies on psychological well-being
  • Training and support program "Let's be honest - how are you?" (webinars, trainings and coaching sessions)

Therapy areas

We work only with qualified and certified specialists. We use modern practices that have proven their effectiveness.
Focuses on the client's past and tries to answer the question "why?", concentrating on the causes of the problem and analyzing the subconscious.
It works with the problem of meaning, internal conflicts, and self-realization. Can be useful for those who face depression, anxiety, and fears.
Trauma therapy, which has proven its effectiveness in the treatment of PTSD, depression, panic and anxiety disorders.
behavioral therapy
Based on the study of the influence of thoughts on emotions and behavior. Cognitive-behavioral approaches are the most structured. They are effective in dealing with phobias, mental disorders, addictions, and traumas.
Focuses on the present, trying to answer the question "how are you now?". Works well in interpersonal relationships, helps to realize one's inner resources and abilities for self-development.
A method that analyzes the human psyche into separate and understandable structures — its personality, roles, and scenarios. It works with three ego states of the client: Adult, Child, and Parent.
It is based on the principles of depth psychology. Uses a special method of working with the imagination to visualize a person's unconscious desires, fantasies, conflicts, and defense mechanisms.

Why is it important to take care of the team's mental health?

According to OSHA, stress is the leading cause of work time loss in almost 60% of cases. 80% of respondents from 15 countries believe that awareness-raising and training programs reduce the stigma of mental health problems and encourage people to seek professional psychological help.
Increasing productivity
Positive return on investment in Mental Care for every dollar spent
Optimization of staff turnover
Reducing absenteeism and presenteeism
Increasing employee engagement
Receive an offerWe will contact you to get all the details and create a custom solution for your needs.
By registering and hitting the Send button, you agree to the terms of use and the privacy policy

How to book a consultation?

Download the app to make it easier to book consultations and get acquainted with our specialists.
iphone 15 pro
In the Help section, select Psychological help.
You can take Couple therapy or Individual session here. Choose a convenient messenger if you want an assistant to help you.
If you choose a chat, let us know which specialist you want to make an appointment with and a convenient time.
Or hit Specialists on the main screen, choose a specialist, day, and time. You’ll receive a link to the appointment by email.
50+Corporate clients
200+Conducted interactive client webinars
5 000+Individual client sessions

What we do differently

We turn boring lectures into active webinars and communicate with you as if it was love at first meeting. All this is possible thanks to cool product solutions and a human approach. We really strive for it.
Advanced analyticsWe conduct a pulse-survey to assess the psycho-emotional needs of employees and the level of psychological safety in teams. We determine relevant webinar topics for your team. We analyze the progress of psychological care and develop a dashboard with the results of service use.
Interactive engagementOur webinars are not lectures, but interesting interactive engagement of participants. We also provide access to webinar recordings, presentations and practical tips as a reminder of the most important.
Magic appWe developed our own app to make it easier to get acquainted with specialists and book a session. Our own team of developers improves it every day and implements new technological solutions.
The best care serviceA team of assistants are ready to help 24/7. They will answer questions and sign up for the session. You can both call them or chat in any convenient messenger.

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