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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to have travel insurance when traveling abroad?

To visit many countries, you need to have travel insurance. Sometimes travel insurance policy could be asked on border control, and in some cases, it is necessary at the stage of visa issuance.

What should I do if there is an insurance case?

Contact the assisting company. The contacts are listed in the insurance policy and in the letter that we sent to you at the email address when you purchased the travel insurance policy on Ensuria.com. When communicating with the operator, you must specify your name, contact phone number, address of the place of business, the name of the insurance company, the number of the insurance contract, the term of its operation, describe the problem and the nature of the assistance required. The assisting company registers the insurance event and arranges the provision of medical care in the institutions that are in contact with the client. After providing medical care to the insured, the assisting company itself pays for medical services directly to a hospital or clinic.

Is it possible to arrange tourist insurance while staying in another country?

Unfortunately, you can't. The main condition for activating the tourist policy is the crossing of the Ukrainian border.

What kind of policy is better to buy: electronic or paper? Need to print an electronic policy?

Both policies are suitable for passing the border. It is enough to open an electronic policy on your smartphone (we send the PDF file to you after the registration) and, if necessary, present it at the border.

What does not cover the travel insurance policy?

Treatment of injuries received in case of force majeure: during military conflicts, civil disturbances, revolutions or acts of terrorism, as well as during their stay in countries whose visits are not recommended by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Treatment of diseases that arose before the conclusion of the contract, unless otherwise agreed with the insurer.

Treatment of diseases and injuries that have resulted from actions combined with unreasonable risk to life and health, exercise of manual work (if the insurance policy is not designed for this purpose), professional sport or participation in competitions.

Medical products and medicines for health and prevention: vaccines, vitamins, prophylactic examinations, sanatorium and resort treatment, etc.

Treatment of injuries inflicted by alcohol or drugs.

Cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Stomatological services (except for emergency treatment).


Чи можна в один договір страхування вписати декілька подорожуючих?

Так, в один поліс можна вписати до чотирьох осіб. Страхувальником буде виступати той, хто підписує та оплачує туристичний поліс. Застрахованими особами будуть всі інші подорожуючі. Нагадуємо, що страхувальник також може бути застрахованою особою.

Що таке страховий ліміт?

Страховий ліміт- це максимальна сума, в рамках якої страхова компанія може робити виплати.
Стандартно, для країн Європи- страхова сума 30 000 євро.
Якщо Ви плануєте подорож не в Європу- то страхова сума становить 50 000 доларів.