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We reduce the fat content of foods

Maria Voropayeva
Healthy food 30 november 2020 in 16:21

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Our weight depends on the fat content and calorie content of food, therefore nutritionists offer small life hacks. All of these recommendations are simple and will help you lose weight and lower your bad cholesterol.

How to reduce the fat and calorie content of foods

  1. Use a non-stick cookware that can cook without oil at all.

A person can make something high-calorie and harmful from any useful low-calorie product.

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For example, an ordinary carrot: fresh is a great product, but if you fry it in oil, it immediately absorbs the toxins that oil release when heated. Olive oil is the most resistant to temperatures, but if you are using sunflower oil, remember that this is not the best choice - it is not the most resistant to heat. So at high temperatures, all nutrients are converted into toxins, and food absorbs them.

  1. Instead of mayonnaise for dressing salads, it is better to use oils (but do not pour in, 1 tablespoon will be enough), light natural yogurt or lemon juice.

The synthetic additives found in commercial mayonnaise tend to build up in the body, just like trans fats. Therefore, mayonnaise can be "worked out" in the gym only partially.

  1. Vegetables are not recommended to be cooked on the same dish with meat, as they absorb fat very well.

The quickest and easiest way is to cut everything into one container and put it in the oven, so that in addition to this, you can do other things. But vegetables can absorb fat very well, and these are extra calories. Plus, fresh vegetables are the healthiest. When heated, most of the vitamins found in vegetables are destroyed.

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  1. If you like butter sandwiches, before spreading, leave it for a while at room temperature so that it softens and can be spread in a thin layer.

Do not try to hammer cold butter into the bread in large chunks. Butter should be consumed in moderation, and its fat content should be at least 82.5%.

  1. Adding butter or margarine when cooking rice, pasta or mashed potatoes is wrong: for pasta is not needed, it is better to enrich rice with herbs (onions, dill, spices), and it is better to add low-fat yogurt or cream to potatoes.

  1. Trim excess fat from cuts of meat and skin from poultry before cooking.

The concentration of harmful substances in the fat and in the skin is quite high.

  1. Meat or chicken soup must be refrigerated so that hardened fat can be removed from the surface.

Use these methods and achieve your goals.

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