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The first step towards cleansing the body

Maria Voropayeva
Health, Healthy food 05 november 2020 in 15:54

If you allow the body to completely get rid of "garbage" due to unscrupulous nutrition, almost a miracle will happen.You will no longer want fatty, sweet, salty, etc. You will stop being thrown from one extreme to another and you will feel that the cucumber also has a taste, because in this case the receptors are also “cleared”.

It's simple: when a person combines foods correctly, eats a lot of green food and at the same time cleanses the body, his body will no longer have strong changes in energy. The signals between the brain and body become stronger and it becomes possible to feel if you ate well or not.

Blood sugar does not jump, and this gives calm and clarity. If you try, it will be so good that even if you want to indulge yourself with something sweet, your body will already learn to cope with the changes.

photo-1584868792839-bff69783216a.jpg (133 KB)

At first, nutritionists advise you to accustom yourself to green salads, which are based on greens and cabbage. The point is that these foods are preparing our bodies for new foods. They clean up what is left on the walls of the intestines and stomach from previous meals, sweep out stagnant bile, mucus and toxic compounds. This creates a “cushion” before eating meat and other cooked foods.

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Green vegetables enhance motor skills for food processing. For example: first, we eat salad (50 percent of the portion), chew thoroughly, and only then add meat and other food in combination with it to the salad.

Every day a person needs to consume at least 250-300 grams of green vegetables are a wonderful and easy rule to help you feel better.

It has been scientifically proven that junk food causes anxiety and stress. Experts from Loma Linda University in the United States conducted an experiment and formed a list of such products. The list includes fatty meats, fast food and fried foods.

The conclusion that can be drawn: if you follow the norm of “green foods” in your diet, then happiness is simply inevitable :)

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