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The Ministry of Health told when Ukraine can return to strict quarantine

News 07 october 2020 in 11:09

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The Ministry of Health is initiating a return of Ukraine to a tighter quarantine if the situation with COVID-19 is "threatening".

This was stated by the Minister of Healthcare Maxim Stepanov on the air of one of the Ukrainian TV channels, the press service of the Ministry of Health reports.

The Minister said that if the situation with the spread of COVID-19 worsens, the Ministry of Health will initiate the return of stricter quarantine restrictions.

It is clear that a lockdown is the best way to break the chain of transmission. But we also needed to find a balance between the economy and anti-epidemic measures so as not to stop the economy. I believe that we have found such a balance, but at the same time it is necessary to continue to implement all the recommendations of the Ministry of Health. But if the situation becomes threatening, the Ministry of Health will propose a return to more stringent quarantine measures”, - concluded Stepanov.

Using the example of Ternopil, the minister noted that stricter compliance with quarantine standards directly affects the decrease in the number of patients with COVID-19.

On September 24, when Ternopil passed into the “red” category of epidemic danger, the incidence rate per 100 thousand population for 14 days there was 615 patients. A week later, it dropped to 484. That is, we immediately see that the introduction of these restrictive measures helps to reduce the incidence rate. And we record this in many of our cities. You can stop the disease only by observing anti-epidemic rules. The world did not come up with another. The virus is transmitted by airborne droplets, there is no other way”, - he said.

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