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The Ministry of Health approved a new treatment protocol for COVID-19

News 18 september 2020 in 11:17

Health Minister Maxim Stepanov signed an order on September 17 to approve a new COVID-19 treatment protocol.

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"Today in the world there are about 2 thousand various clinical trials of specific therapy aimed at combating COVID-19, including clinical trials of four drugs are underway in Ukraine. But at the same time, the Ministry of Health is constantly updating the treatment protocol, based on experience doctors", - the minister said.

As Stepanov noted, the updated protocol is intended for use by all medical professionals and determines the procedure for using drugs to treat patients with COVID-19.

The main changes that were made to the protocol are: expansion of drugs from the group of glucocorticoids and the way they are used; determination of the algorithm for prescribing anticoagulant therapy; supplementing the protocols with approaches to antimicrobial therapy, as well as secondary and bacterial; the indications for the administration of the drug "Tocilizumab" are specified.

In general, according to the Minister, the new protocol fully includes approaches to drug therapy and oxygen support for COVID-19 patients.

Stepanov noted that the prescription of drugs is carried out taking into account the individual course of the disease in each patient and also urged Ukrainians not to self-medicate.

The Minister specified that the new protocol has already been posted on the website of the Ministry of Health and will be sent to all hospitals today.

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