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Don't ignore breakfast

Maria Voropayeva
Healthy food 15 september 2020 in 18:49

Our body gets used to any regime. If you start eating in the first 20 minutes after waking up, you will soon wake up hungry. If you regularly skip breakfast, then after a while in the morning, hunger will disappear. We can customize ourselves.

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The most negative consequence of skipping breakfast is losing control of portions and feeling full during lunch. Daily calorie content can increase significantly. If people leave the house without breakfast, then they are at great risk of being tempted to "harm", passing by the coffee shop, because the sight and aroma of food can stimulate "sleeping" hunger.

The biggest breakfast pitfall is muesli with yogurt. We all know it is healthy through advertising, but one such breakfast may contain more sugar than dessert. From fitness in fitness-muesli, only the athletic girl pictured on the package remains.

Some types of physical activity in the morning are really more comfortable to do on an empty stomach, for example, yoga or light jogging. However, it is better not even to approach other types of activity without breakfast. The intensity of strength training or prolonged cardio will be greatly reduced and there is a risk of fainting due to low blood glucose.

A natural question arises - what is the best thing to eat for breakfast? We will analyze this in the next article, but first, we will determine what you can’t have breakfast:

  • Coffee: on an empty stomach is contraindicated as caffeine is an irritant to the stomach and gallbladder mucosa.
  • Sugar: because of sugar-containing foods, sugar levels rise instantly, then drop, and as a result, we feel apathy. Optionally, you can eat a sweet for breakfast after the main course.
  • Yogurt: the bacteria in yogurt are needed to digest food, so it is completely useless before breakfast.
  • Citrus: the acidity of the fruit will gradually eat away at the stomach lining.
  • Cold drinks: the vessels of the stomach narrow and problems with blood circulation begin, which disrupts the entire process of digesting food. Even after breakfast, it's best to wait a couple of hours before drinking a cold drink.

In the next article, you can read about how balanced breakfast should be.

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