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The main travel life hack

Maria Voropayeva
Travelhack 09 september 2020 in 17:49

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Even if you practice positive thinking, objectively anything can happen on vacation. This is especially true for activities in which bruises or injuries often occur. Also, the consequences of gastronomic tourism in the form of food poisoning and alcohol intoxication are not excluded. As you know, medicine in another country can be worth its weight in gold, so it is better to minimize the risks of spending in advance. Insurance helps with this.

Getting insurance before departure and taking into account as many situations as possible will be the surest way to keep your budget. When the insured event occurs, it is enough to contact the assistance company, the contacts of which are indicated in the policy. The victim can expect to be consulted and medical care by one of the nearest medical facilities. In this case, the insurance company will cover the costs. If there is no insurance, then the tourist pays for the treatment in full. Everything is quite simple, but nevertheless there are questions.

Can I not buy insurance?

Definitely yes, if you know how to go through customs anonymously. Or if you are just going to visit one of those countries that do not require compulsory insurance upon entry. At the same time, there are cases when insurance is needed already at the stage of visa processing.

What do you need to insure?

First of all, life and health. You can choose different purposes of your trip, for example, outdoor activities or sports. Also, of course, do not forget about property and luggage. The cost of the policy and the amount of compensation depend on a number of factors: on the country, on the coverage limit, validity period, etc.

How can I calculate the price of the policy?

You can use a convenient online calculator on our website. Many insurance companies allow you to choose a travel insurance package with financial protection in the event of baggage loss and flight cancellations. You can choose an offer from an insurer, sign a contract online and receive your policy instantly to your email address.

Medical insurance guarantees qualified assistance that a foreign country is not ready to provide to its guests free of charge. The simplest outpatient case in a European clinic can cost several hundred euros, and a more serious injury can cost several thousand. If you appreciate the possibilities of insurance, then you can travel calmly and without worries.

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