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Is fructose bad for you

Maria Voropayeva
Healthy food 06 november 2020 in 13:07

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Many people are now trying to replace regular white sugar with various sweeteners, and it is believed that fructose is the best for this.

However, as nutritionists say, this is a dangerous misconception.

Sugar is a disaccharide - glucose with fructose.

In this case, glucose serves as a source of energy for the body, its level is regulated by the release of the hormone insulin into the blood.

Fructose is processed directly in the liver, does not provide energy, and its excess is converted by the liver directly into fat.

In addition, it also provokes negative consequences:

  • the risk of heart disease;
  • increased appetite and greater consumption of sweets;
  • insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

Importantly, fruits also contain fructose. But we are talking about pure fructose, incl. corn syrup. It is present in large quantities in sweet carbonated drinks, juices, various cereals, muesli, sweets and in some semi-finished products. That is why the consumption of such foods leads to obesity.

As for natural fruits and honey, then they have a permissible fructose content that our body can assimilate. In addition, fruits contain fiber, useful vitamins and minerals. Therefore, there are no complaints about fruits.

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